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Create Grass with Vray Fur Modifier

This tutorial is an advanced version of creating grass using displacementMod. Instead of displacing the grass with a height map, we’re going to use Fur modifier to generates the grass as geometry at render time.

The cool thing about it is that you have quite a lot of control over the size, bend amount, direction variation, randomization, density and more. Plus, you can even use custom maps to shape and manipulate all of these parameters.

Below the video you can see an explanation on how an RGB image can affect the bend direction of the grass shown at the end of the tutorial.

Lesson Breakdown

  1. Analyze real world grass photo
  2. Adjust Vray Fur settings
  3. Create Grass material

You can download this scene from the link below and follow along the video:


More Control

You can use custom maps to control the direction and variation of the following parameters: bend direction, Initial direction, length, thickness, gravity, bend and density.

In the example below I’ve used a single RGB map (water colors painting that I’ve downloaded from the web) to control the bend direction of the grass. you can add any map or create your own to get a specific look.


Color map which affected the bend direction:


in the diagram below you can see the direction flow of the fur, represented by arrows, on top of the RGB color wheel:


April 30, 2016
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