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Vray Glass material tutorial in 3ds max

Learn how to create 3 types of glass material in Vray and 3ds Max! In this lesson, I’ll go over some basic parameters such as IOR value, fog, glossiness, effect shadows and subdivs. You can download the scene file from the link below.

Lesson Breakdown

  1. Creating clear glass.
  2. Creating frosted glass.
  3. Creating colored glass with texture.



September 15, 2014

6 responses on "Vray Glass material tutorial in 3ds max"

  1. Cool job!! I like it.

  2. thank you very very mutch

  3. Hi! Excellent tutotials! I am trying to access the scene file but even though I’ve shared via Facebook and G+ nothing happens… Please help!

  4. Hello brother i was trying to download file.
    Can you please send me file at please

    Thanks and keep it up great effort

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