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Arch Viz Camp

From Camera to Final Production.


Course introduction

In this premium course, I’ll guide you through the most crucial stages of creating realistic and artistic 3d renders for architecture field.


In Camera, lights, Render! You’ll learn how to think and portray your model like real life photographer. We’ll start by talking about the importance of good composition and see how to place and adjust the camera in the right way.


Next, we’ll talk about lighting strategy by analyzing real-life examples of interior and exterior shots with different lighting conditions. we’ll see why we should use light to build our image and give a great sense of depth by implementing this theory in exterior and interior scenes.


The third stage will focus on render  settings for tests and final quality images. We’ll deal with noise and artifacts in the final render in order to get clean and smooth results.


The final stage will cover post-production work using image editing software such as photoshop. We’ll make some tone and color corrections, add camera effects and sharpen the image. All of these final adjustments will boost our image significantly and give it a professional look.



Throughout this course,  I’ll be using Autodesk 3ds max 2014, Chaos Group Vray 2.4 renderer and Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. No additional plugins are required.

If you are using different tools in your workflow it is still possible for you to follow this course since the main focus is more on how to think and develop your image and less on specific sets of commands for a given software.



Architecture & Design credits: Daniel Marshall Architects, Auckland / New Zealand

Course Curriculum

Introduction – Unit 01 FREE 00:01:00
Chapter 01 – Composition & Camera placement 00:12:00
Chapter 02 – Framing & Aspect Ratio 00:09:00
Chapter 03 – Perspective & Leading the eyes 00:11:00
Chapter 04 – Exposure Theory 00:09:00
Chapter 05 – Exposure Value Table 00:11:00
Introduction – Unit 02 FREE 00:01:00
Chapter 06 – Rhythm & Balance 00:09:00
Chapter 07 – Hierarchy 00:11:00
Chapter 08 – Complementary Colors 00:03:00
Chapter 09 – Light as Subject 00:02:00
Chapter 10 – Vray Sun & sky in Exterior Scene 00:13:00
Chapter 11 – Daylight HDRI in Exterior Scene 00:17:00
Chapter 12 – It’s a Cloudy Day FREE 00:16:00
Chapter 13 – Interior Evening Lighting 00:32:00
Chapter 14 – Interior Natural Lighting 00:12:00
Chapter 15 – Exterior Night Lighting 00:29:00
Introduction – Unit 03 FREE 00:01:00
Chapter 16 – Test Render Settings 00:06:00
Chapter 17 – High Render Settings 00:07:00
Chapter 18 – Dealing With Noise 00:20:00
Chapter 19 – Render Elements 00:19:00
Essential A – Linear Workflow & Color Mapping 00:12:00
Essential B – Linear workflow Setup 00:05:00
Post Production
Introduction – Unit 04 FREE 00:01:00
Chapter 20 – Image Correction in Camera RAW 00:17:00
Chapter 21 – Bloom Effect FREE 00:05:00
Chapter 22 – Depth of Field (DOF) with Z-depth 00:05:00
Chapter 23 – Chromatic Aberration 00:04:00
Close-up Shots 00:16:00
Vray Sun Settings 00:03:00
Scene files 00:00:00

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    Comprehensive course

    I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to learn VRay and Lighting. It is really worth its price.

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  • 36 months
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Course Reviews

  • Camera, Lights, Render!

    Comprehensive course 5

    I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to learn VRay and Lighting. It is really worth its price.
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